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15 May 2017, Monday, 03:50 (Hong Kong)

“New Revolution” started in China

«New Revolution» is a new name that was firstly used by China state media for describing political process, which had been conducted by new leader Xi Jinping in this three years.

On January 9 all state media posted «New Revolution» that conducted by China leader Xi Jinping this three years». It was firstly published by Chinese The Youth Daily – official new site of China Communist Youth League.

The term of “New Revolution” in Chinese society means widespread reforms in economy, great achievements in anti-graft campaign, strengthening of army, and "new pages" in diplomatic successes, all that came to reality after the 18th CPC congress in 2012. 

The author of article pays great attention on ecological development in China, that needs not only «golden and silver mountains, but green mountains». They said, «New Revolution» needs ecological development and improvement standards of life. «Innovations», “mutual prosperity”, “openness” – all that slogans use to belong premier Li Keqiang, now were used by Xi Jinping during his inspection in Chongqing, the biggest port on the Yangtze river.

Clean up environment in CPC

It needs not only improve environment, but to clean party and state, said in the article, added that, anti-graft campaign seems to be real “revolution”. In April 2013 after Xi took the post of the President of China, he declared war for flues and tigers – that means big and small corrupted officials. To the end of 2015 there were 91 high-rank officials on the level of provincial government or higher arrested in this three years.

“Revolution in army”

Big structural army reforms that started in 2015 also called a part of “new revolution”. The article underlines that Xi was the second leader of party that make a big speech and gave instructions on high-rank officials in China’s army. Doesn't’t mention that the first one was Chairman Mao. Xi said that PLA steps into new epoch and from «cocoon will transform to butterfly», but warned it to keep love the peace, and not to pretend to be hegemon in world.

“Friend zone” getting bigger

Using internet slang for show historical record for foreign activity of Xi the article said that leader of China visited 42 countries in 2015. US and UK are the most important among them. Then goes “One Belt - One Road” initiative and cooperation with Middle East an EU.

“The people of China anchors its hope, and the whole world watch on New Revolution  that conducted by Xi Jinping,” - pathetically finishing the article.

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«South China Insight», 12.01.2016

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